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Liberty addresses the need for different footwear with nine unique brands. One of them is Warrior Professional Gear. Products stamped with the Warrior brand is made specifically for professionals who spend most of their time on uneven or slippery terrain outdoors. These shoes are very high on quality and comfort without pinching the buyer's pocket.

65 years ago, Mr P. D. Gupta saw the potential in a footwear manufacturing cooperative that was crippled with losses; he offered to manage and eventually turned it into a name to be reckoned with in the international footwear marketplace. Liberty is also one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of safety shoes in India.

Safety and comfort are the primary focus in Warrior shoes but that cannot come at the cost of aesthetic appeal. What a buyer gets is the perfect combination of style, comfort and safety put together in a highly affordable product that is sold in over 25 countries. The demand is met by an ever increasing output in production, which currently stands at 75000 pairs a day.

The CEO Mr. Adesh Gupta, has empowered designers of Warrior Professional Gear to simplify and improve the working lives of millions around the world. That is done by the infusion of genuine leather, direct injection PU soles and metal alloy toe caps that increase the physical tolerance up to 200 Joules and electrostatic tolerance up to 1000 Mega Ohms. Under slippery conditions these shoes can keep the wearer protected against slips and twists.

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